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The Terestrial Tribe

Who We Are



Creator & Director

When do you feel most alive?

"When I receive the opportunity of witnessing the little lights of this world truly connected and reaching for their highest self."



    Wilderness Instructor & Certified Yoga Teacher

    When do you feel most alive?

    "Exploring new places, going on adventures, and dancing in the rain."


    Mckayla, Reign, & Nixon

    Wilderness Instructor

    When do you feel most alive?

    "I feel alive in the frequencies of play and movement. I feel alive when my body is in alignment with the Earth's natural rhythms and cycles.  
    Life, for me, is nourishment through the Earth. 
    Freedom, expansion, and heart centered connection are what give me life."


      Brooklyn & Oaklee

       Wilderness Instructor

      When do you feel most alive?

      "I feel most alive when I'm surrounded by nature, breathing fresh air."



        Wilderness Instructor 

        When do you feel most alive?

        "What makes me feel most alive is being in nature. I feel so connected and grounded when I’m away from the busyness of the city and in a quiet beautiful environment. I always prefer hearing the birds and water flowing rather than cars driving. Seeing plants grow rather than seeing buildings be constructed. Watching the mountains and forest change through each season of the year is so fascinating."

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